Seeking the Soul of L.A. on Its Streets: Paintings and Stories by J. Michael Walker
There is a history to each street and its neighborhood, and a history attached to each saint.
Where those histories converge is the story of L A: The story of  All the Saints of the City of the Angels.
"A kind of William Blake for the West, Walker has created impressionistic prose and poetry to accompany his visionary paintings
of every saint who lends his name to at least one street in the city"- Guadalajara International Book Fair, FIL, 2009
J Michael Walker giving a tour of All the Saints exhibition, Fall 08

J Michael Walker photographed by Annie Wells
Saints are all around us, in the faces of our neighbors

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San Rafael leads Tobit to safety, from San Rafael Drive, by J Michael Walker

Credits: "Bio" photo of J Michael Walker by Annie Wells, 2007.  "Media" Photo of J M ichael Walker, courtesy LA-IP.  
All other images by J Michael Walker. All used by Permission.
This website, all images and all text Copyright 2010 by J Michael Walker. All rights reserved